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Taoufik Lahmar


About Us

Welcome to Silvertrade, a prestigious Swiss intermediation powerhouse that has been making incredible strides since its inception in 2006. Under the visionary leadership of its founder, Taoufik Lahmar, Silvertrade is headquartered in the heart of Geneva, with a prominent office located in Doha.

With a legacy spanning over two decades, our journey has allowed us to gain extensive experience and develop a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics within the Gulf countries. Our network has been carefully cultivated, creating opportunities and connections that are nothing short of exceptional.

In fact, our network includes private and institutional investors who constantly seek lucrative opportunities and seize these opportunities when they arise. This exclusive circle is the backbone of our success.

Silvertrade isn’t just a name – it’s a partner. A partner dedicated to being at your side every step of the way, and helping you unlock the full potential that the Gulf region holds.

Your success story is our story, waiting to be written. Contact us today for a consultation and let us help you on your journey to growth and prosperity.

The Middle East

Unveiling Unprecedented Business Opportunities lucrative business landscape

Discover a World of Prosperity in the Middle East, Crafted by Silvertrade’s Expertise.

In today’s complex Global economic, numerous regions throughout the World have encountered financial challenges. The Middle East, however, has emerged as a remarkable exception. Boasting robust economic growth, a strategic geographic location, and a flourishing business environment, this region presents unparalleled potential for businesses aiming to secure stability and leverage high purchasing power.

Silvertrade stands as your trusted partner, by leveraging its extensive experience and unrivaled network to guide your business through the intricacies of the Middle Eastern market.

Below, you’ll find 5 benefits of establishing business operations in the Middle East:

Rapid economic growth

The Middle East boasts an impressive average annual GDP growth rate of $5.08 trillion (nominal; 2023 est), outpacing many other regions globally.

Strategic Geographic Location

Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the Middle East's strategic location positions it as a hub for international trade and connectivity.

Thriving Business Environment

The region fosters a dynamic business environment, characterized by resilience, innovation, and a forward-looking approach to industries of all scales.

Vast Market Opportunities

With a combined GDP exceeding $5.08 trillion, the Middle East offers abundant opportunities for businesses to tap into solvent markets with high purchasing power.

Robust infrastructure development

The region's commitment to infrastructure development is evident, with billions of dollars invested in ambitious projects across sectors such as transportation, energy, and construction.

Confidently navigate the complexities of international trade, establish strategic partnerships, and maximize your business's potential for success.

Silvertrade’s comprehensive suite of services are tailored to help your business achieve ultimate success.Our offerings cover consulting services that empower you to navigate intricate market landscapes, financial expertise that fuels your expansion dreams, and industry, where we help establish turnkey projects and Joint Ventures with European technical partners.


From market entry analysis and competitive intelligence to regulatory compliance and business expansion plans, we empower you to make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of your export business.


Need help with funding for expansion, trade financing solutions, or risk management strategies? Silvertrade helps you access the necessary capital, optimize your financial operations, and seize lucrative opportunities in solvent markets.


Silvertrade set up turnkey industrial projects focused on technological niches for Middle Eastern investors. We also set up industrial Joint Ventures with European technical partners.

Embark on Expansion

The Middle East Markets Await Your Success

Conquer lucrative markets in the Middle East’s powerhouse nations

Our strong presence and well-established connections in key markets, particularly in the Middle East, enable us to facilitate seamless business operations for our clients. We directly engage with decision-makers, leveraging our local partnerships to create a conducive environment for fruitful collaborations and expedite your path to success.

Explore the opportunities in Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Experience the difference with the leading consulting, financing, and industry partner

We are committed to unlocking your business’s potential and charting a course towards unparalleled growth and prosperity. When you partner with Silvertrade, you gain a trusted advisor dedicated: to your export business’s Success,


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